What’s Going on Here?

It’s scary to think that, decades later, in a completely different part of the country, 3rd graders still magically wake up one morning knowing about these paper fortune teller things and how to make them. Okay, in the south we called them Snapdragons, she calls them fortune tellers, the most-common name is Cootie Catcher.

Point being, like so much playground culture, this is oddly universal, varies less than an accent might from region to region, is usually taught to you by a peer (not as curriculum), and few people can remember how and where they acquired the knowledge. What is this?! Jungian collective conscious? DNA memory? Darwinian survival instinct? Alien telepathic transmission.

Screw common core and iStep … figure out how THIS apparently subconscious anthropological communication works and teach them THAT way…

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