I’m 3 for 6! Someday I’ll go back and do second drafts of these things. There were a couple chapters in there that might be salvageable.

I will say, NaNoWriMo has taught me planning and discipline, which are key. Unfortunately, it’s also inadvertently taught me to just be a sloppy writer who never edits, uses whatever sentence structure comes to mind, and relishes in the fact that his stuff is output crap … which are bad habits to pick up when you are a technical writer for a living, and people actually expect you to use proper grammar.

So I technically finished at 1AM on November 30, but then learned another fun fact: Different apps will count your words differently, and if you are somewhat OCD, you will stay up another hour adding 500 words to your novel rather than spend the rest of your life living with that nagging feeling that you “didn’t really win in 2022.”