(Paraphrase of conversation during commute this morning…)

Recruiter: I just sent you an email, but wanted to annoy you on the phone too. You’re a great fit for this position we have opening up at one of our clients.

Me: What’s the job?

Recruiter: Oh, it’s just a very generic IT management position, nothing that will specifically use any unique skills or experience you may or may not have, just the basic ones all clients ask for.

Me: I have a very particular set of skills, skills I have acquired over a very long career, skills that justify my current salary. What’s the rate for this position?

Recruiter: Well, we don’t really have one yet. That would be based on what the client wants to offer.

Me: Who’s the client?

Recruiter: Well, it could be anybody really.  This is actually “more proactive on behalf of ALL our clients.”

Me: When are you expecting to actually have specific jobs people can interview for?

Recruiter: Oh, it could be three months from now, could be tomorrow, which is why I’ll need you to come in and proactively interview under THIS position (that doesn’t exist) for our client (that, also, doesn’t exist).

Me: Can I wait until the position actually exists?

Recruiter: Well, no, we really want to burn your PTO at your current job so we can meet you face-to-face, have you fill out all the tax forms, background forms, reference checks, credit checks, benefit enrollment forms, drug tests, and a couple of technical assessments. You know, basically, give us all your personal information for no real reason just in case we get a client that has an opening you might be interested in. Oh yeah, and bring cash, we don’t validate parking.