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Chili’s Hires Another Future IUPUI MBA

Waitress: How many of you are there?

Customer: Four.

Waitress: So … three adult and two child menus?

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Wedding Plans in the Making…

Gina: Hey Doris, What are we gonna do about Darrin and his impending nuptials? I think they are going to skulk away by themselves, and “get it over with”…..Unacceptable!!!! Ii mean, I get the urgency and all, and agree that it must be done ASAP…but we can still have some fun with it…..

Darrin: Well, here’s a strange twist. I just got off the phone with the magistrate… the wedding will be next Friday — 4/4 at 4:00 (I’m going to ask him to make it 4:04 to keep the omen going.) So … if you guys are really REALLY dead set on planning a theme wedding for me, then one of you should wear orange, and the other should light herself on fire. I will wear blue spandex and we’ll coat Lisa with some sort of stealth material or something.

Vinnie: I’ll be Herbie the Robot!

Gina: Dude…I totally get it….its not a party…but it is still an event….Life is too short not to embrace the good stuff with people. Can we at least have a drink with you and then we’ll leave you all to yourselves……

Darrin: Well I figure we’ll probably go have a beer at Claude and Annie’s afterwards, in our wedding garb and all.

Gina: Yeah..and then walk down the way a bit and go bowling at PinHeads!

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