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A New Tactic!

Yeah, I didn’t order any software. You don’t have a name, explanation, or any identifier on your mailer, and the return address is a company that packages and ships whatever you give them. I’m TOTALLY going to put this in my computer and see what it is.

If I was conspiracy-minded, I’d think this was a continuation of the plot by those people who keep trying to lure me to job interviews using fake Linked-In profiles with supermodel headshots.

Why are you people going to all this effort?! Look, if you’re trying to get information out of me, just send a tall, red-headed woman with a six pack of Belhaven, a pizza, and a Russian accent. I’ll spill my guts.


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One Day Meme!

So, FINALLY, a throw-away idea of mine gets legs. I always wanted that to happen. It started as a plan to hop several bars and take in a bunch of different bands in the other night (AKA: Typical Friday night). Cannon and I figured we would commemorate by taking a selfie with each band. However, I also recalled that we spoke on last week’s Local is Our Genre about how it’s much more effective to use video. Therefore, we decided on taking a “video selfie.” That probably would have been good enough, but it introduces two problems: 1) You can’t really talk over the band, nobody can hear it; and 2) What the hell else can you do during a video selfie. This led to the inevitable just staring at the camera thinking of what the hell we should do, but as it IS video, you can see us sort of bobbing our heads along to the music. The whole thing was so stupid and awkward, I posted it anyway, figuring somebody would get a kick out of it.

Within 15 mintues, it was getting a ton of likes and snarky comments, but when we hit the next venue, I actually had people wanting to do another one with THAT band. This time the effort was to intentionally appear awkward and deadpan however. I considered this to be a subtle commentary on overly-contrived goofy-faced selfies. Basically, it was my “anti-duckface.”

(The Wyld Life at Birdy’s)

By the third venue, the comments had progressed to the point where the word “NodCasting” was thrown out as a name. Surprisingly, local musicians didn’t get my ironic statement, and actually thought I was intending it as a way to promote the music at the venue and get people to come out and hear the band (wouldn’t a video FEATURING the band be much more effective for that?) and mistook my “awkward deapan” as “deep immersion” (which I imagine would have involved my eyes being a more closed and the lateral motions of my head much more subdued).

(A Bit of NIN Karaoke)

As the night went on, the suggestions started getting more outrageous. We should have nodcasting challenges in the veign of the ice bucket challenge. Okay, but what kind of a prize do we give out for nodding? For that matter, how do you pick a winner? I mean, can you really “out-nod” someone? Do we go by quality of the music? Presentation skills? Outstanding camera work?

(World premiere of the new No Pit Cherries single)

Has the NodCasting fad died already?

(Arnie Duke covers Sinatra)

I’ll leave it to you guys to expand on the medium. If you are so inclined, send me your NodCasts for repost here (or maybe we’ll make it an Indy In-Tune thing and give away some t-shirts or prize packs or something). I’ll lay out the official ground rules here …

1.) No more than 20 seconds.
2.) Must feature some kind of music, preferably live, clearly audible in the video. If live, the performer(s) should be visible in the background.
3.) No smiling.

(Double-Duke-ing It with Matthew Corken playing Kips)

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Fine, You Don’t Think I’m Funny, and You Like Shitty Tech Manuals … I Get That

I elected to let it go without comment (on that site anyway); my daddy taught me manners and politeness.  I just figured a few of you would find him and his strange assumptions about me amusing.

Stephen Tyler says:

I am 74, have launched and operated 14 little businesses and my next project will require nation-wide collaboration. I have spent the last week in a mild panic trying to decide if I should subscribe to Office 360 (There are at least one zillion ways to collaborate online). My question is: how do SkyDrive and SharePoint actually work in real life. Jerks like D. Snider “Blogger / Podcaster / Tech Geek” (is there some place where I can spit) have made this week’s inquiry miserable. It seems that nobody who truly understands the technology understands the kinds of questions a guy like me is asking (a real entrepreneur who walks the talk — not some putz blogging from his mother’s basement). After hours and hours of teeth-gritting non-discovery, I came across your two ebooks on SkyDrive and SharePoint — 113 and 70 pages respectively. (Thanks, Robert, for not padding your books with a lot of b.s. and charging nine bucks.) When I finish reading them, have Office 365 to work with, and a little more perspective, I’ll write a review and let you know what an ordinary person needs to know in order to succeed in a collaborative environment

First off, for those of you who don’t know, it’s my basement, not my mother’s.  Second, I was merely expressing an [admittedly sarcastic] opinion that I had wasted [billable] time and money on an ebook that was touted as “Everything you need to know…” when in reality it was a 70-page brochure that practically plagiarized the SharePoint product website (which I had already read).  What is this guy so angry about?  His Microsoft channel partner should have been able to easily answer his questions about whether these products can help him.  Did they, in fear of receiving similar abuse, not return his calls?  Are the people who truly “understand the technology” unwilling to do free SharePoint consulting for him?  I know I wouldn’t want to do it if he paid me.  Do you think he just doesn’t like putzes with blogs?

P.S. — Me:  95% helpful ratings on reviews;  Stephen: 62% helpful ratings on reviews.  It’s not like I express my dislike for a product without reason.

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When You’re Feeling Down, Depressed, and Lonely …

This is such a remarkable world we live in.  I have a question, or am curious about something, I can almost always get an answer with a little typing.  Today, I’m using “Google Street View” to seek answers to all of my heavy metal questions…
Now, I need to look up the rental agencies and find out if you pay a premium to have this address.  This would be ironic, since “Acacia Avenue” is a shorthand expression for “average, boring, middle classed street” in England.  I assume it’s used sort of the way we use “Smalltown, USA” to generalize anybody that doesn’t live in a distinct metropolitan area.

98% of you are lost now and can just move on…

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