Oh, this is the greatest thing to happen to me all year!

Are you tired of searching for the right authentic music to accompany your obscurely-themed dinner party or get-together?

Are you constantly bothered by your inability to hum along with classic Lithuanian pop songs?

Are you unable to sleep unless you can hear the dulcet, tranquilizing sounds of 1930s Indonesian Jazz?

Well, you’ll be sleeping like a baby in no time thanks to Radiooooo.com! With one handy app or website, you simply pick a country and a decade to hear all of the hits … for as long as you can stand them. This app is perfect for any music nerd, like me, who has to have just the right background music for whatever they’re cooking, eating, reading, playing, talking about, etc. It’s also great if you are musically curious and want to explore the evolution of musical styles across continents and eras. Honestly, I learned quite a bit in just an hour or so of exploring, and of course, got a couple of cool tracks to do some deeper dives with on other services, so honestly, a valuable tool to have in the music arsenal.

In addition to all that goodness, there are a few playlists, a curated “shuffle mode,” and the ability to “favorite tracks” for later reference. There are even three genres to choose from (or mix and match): “slow,” “fast,” and “weird.” Pretty standard stuff. For an additional fee, you get access to even more of this stuff, plus the ability to skip songs. What you don’t get, and what I think would be next-level stuff to have if I were going to add this to my stack of paid music services would be real genres to choose from, more playlists, and maybe the ability to get a bit more granular geographically. As a guy who runs an “Indianapolis Local Music” station, I’d love it if we had something like this where we could drill down to any major city and hear their local music scene.

Okay, that’s just me. Meanwhile, I’m just gonna dig on 1950’s Brazil, 1980’s France, 1990’s Russia, and 2010’s Iceland.